Book Worm

Here are a bunch of books that I’ve found interesting in some way over the years.  They cover a massive range of issues, but are all connected in some way to communication, business and/or human motivations.

What If

One Show (Volumes 17 & 19) D & A D (Edition 1997 & 2000)

Eurobest – (Edition 2 & 1997)

NY Festivals (Volumes 6, 7, 8 & 9)

Graphis Advertising 1998


The New, New Thing – Micheal Lewis

Open Minds – Andy Law

Branded – Alissa Quart

F’d Company – Philip J Kaplan

Truth, Lies, Ad’s – John Steel

Jigsaw Man – Paul Britten

Mindhunter – John Douglas

TV Nation – Michael Moore

Cutting Edge Ads – Jim Aitchison – Robert Spector

Anita Roddick – Anita Roddick

Brand Manners – Hamish Pringle

Attention – Ken Sacharin

Batteries Included – Nigel Barlow

Adcult USA – James Twitchell

Anatomy of Buzz – Emanuel Rosen

Mad Ave – Art Directors Club

Up The Agency – Peter Mayle

Ogilvy On Ad’s – David Ogilvy

Why We Buy – Paco Underhill

Mind Wars – Ian McFayden

Nobrow – John Seabrook

What Ad’s Is – Maurice Smelt

Brand Spirit – Hamish Pringle

Gonzo Marketing – Chris Locke

Clue Train Manifesto – Chris Locke

Differentiate Or Die – Jack Trout

Ad Handbook – Sean Brierley

Disruption – Jean-Marie Dru

Under The Radar – John Bond

Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser

Reefer Madness – Eric Schlosser

BooHoo – Ernst Malmsteen

Burn Rate – Micheal Wolfe

Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

Faster – James Gleick

Cybergypsies – Indra Sinha

Richard Branson – Richard Branson

Branded – Gareth Williams

No Logo – Naomi Klien

Advertising – Dave Saunders

Top 10 Of Everything – Robert Ash

After Image – John Grant

Writing On The Wall – Geoff Burch

Genie’s Wisdom – Jack Trout

People Watching – Desmond Morris

Purple Cow – Seth Godin

Brand Failures – Matt Haig

Girl Heroes – Susan Hopkins

Over There – Granta

What It Feels Like – Esquire

The Philosophy Gym – Stephen Law

Liars & The Lying Liars Who Tell Them – Al Franken

22 Immutable Laws Of Branding – Al & Laura Riles

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy – Greg Palast

Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson

Next – Ira Matathia & Marian Salzman

Innovation & Creativity – Jonne Ceserani & Peter Greatwood

Everything You Know Is Wrong – Edited by Russ Kick

Clueless in Advertising – May Lwin & Jim Aitchison

Even More Offensive Marketing – Hugh Davidson

Lose Friends & Infuriate People – Jonar Nadar

100 Posters Of The Century (Campaign)

Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy – Stuart Jeffries

Why I Hate Flying – Henry Mintzberg

Banks Behaving Badly – Maria Preudergast

The Bitch In The House – Cathi Hanauer

Brands In The Balance – Kevin Drawbaugh

Ad’s And The Mind Of The Consumer – Max Sutherland

Textbook Of Wisdom – Edward de Bono

Nudist On The Late Shift (x2) – Po Bronson

Marketing Insights & Outrages – Drayton Bird

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This – Luke Sullivan

Beermat Entrepeneur – Mike Southon & Chris West

Sociology:The Basics – Martin Albrow

101 Experiments In The Philosophy Of Everyday Life – Roger-Pol Droit

Brands: Visions & Values – John Goodchild & Clive Callow

A New Brand World – Scott Bedbury & Stephen Fenichell

Authenticity: Brands, Fakes, Spin & The Lust For Real Life – David Boyle

Marketing Myths Killing Business – Kevin Clancy & Robert Shulman

The Unknown Darkness – Gregg O. McCrary

Radical Marketing – Sam Hill & Glen Rifkin

Simplicity Marketing – Steven Cristol & Peter Sealey

Brain Darts – Turkel, Schwartz & Partners

Communication Arts – Dec ‘97, ‘99, 2000

Spree – Pamela Klaffke

The Big Moo – Seth Godin

Lore Of Average – Karen Farrington

Mind Gym – Time Warner Books

Re-imagine – Tom Peters

Brand Hijack – Alex Wipperfurth

Mind Maps For Kids – Tony Buzan

Blink – Malcolm Gladwell

A Mind Of Its Own – Cordelia Fine

Business Miscellany – The Economist

What Just Happened? – James Gleick

Campaign Brief: The Works 2004

60 Trends In 60 Minutes – Sam Hill

Free Prize Inside – Seth Godin

The Corporation – Joel Bakan

Talk To The Hand – Lynne Truss

Sun Tzu Was A Sissy – Stanley Bing

Teach Yourself To Think – Edward de Bono

50 Facts That Should Change The World – Jessica Williams

Everything Bad Is Good For You – Steven Johnson

How To Have A Beautiful Mind – Edward de Bono

Meaning: The Secret Of Being Alive by Cliff Havener

From Worst To First – Gordon Bethune

Wisdom Of Crowds – James Surowiecki

Eating the Big Fish – Adam Morgan

Brand New Brand Thinking: Brought to Light by 11 Experts Who Do – Merry Baskin & Mark Earls

The Rise Of The Creative Class – Richard Florida

Sue/Petition (Going Beyond Competition) – Edward de Bono

Arrogance: Rescuing America From The Media Elite – Bernard Goldberg

The 18 Immutable Laws Of Corporate Reputation – Ronald J. Alsop

Polar Bear Pirates – Adrian Webster

Sun Tzu: Strategies For Marketing – Gerald A Michaelson & Steven W Michaelson

The Soul Of The New Consumer (What We Buy And Why In The New Economy) – David Lewis & Darren Bridger

The Secret Life Of Teens (Young People Speak Out About Their Lives) – Gayatri Patnaik & Michelle T Shinseki

Creative Advertising – Ideas & Techniques From The World’s Best Campaigns – Mario Pricken (Thames & Hudson Publishers)

The True Stella Awards – Randy Cassingham

How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered The World – Francis Wheen

Why Business People Speak Like Idiots – Brian Fugere, Chelsea Hardaway & Jon Warshawsky

Brain Tattoos Creating Unique Brands That Stick In Your Customers Mind – Karen Post

The New Positioning: The Latest On The World’s #1 Strategy – Jack Trout & Steve Rivkin

Odds’R – The Odds On Everything Book – Roger L. Schlaifer

100 Most Dangerous Things In Everyday Life – Laura Lee

The Global Me (New Cosmopolitans and the Competitive Edge: Picking Globalisations Winners and Losers) – G. Pascal Zachary

The Sterling Book Of Quotations – Vijya Kumar

Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind – Al Ries & Jack Trout

Brand Royalty: How The World’s Top 100 Brands Thrive & Survive – Matt Haig

The Mind Map Book – Tony & Barry Buzan

Why Is It Always About You? – Sandy Hotchkiss

Trade Secrets: Everything About Everything – BBC Books

The Art Of Systems Thinking – Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott

Bang – Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

The Economic Hitman – John Perkins (Audio CD)

The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology Of Affluence – Jessie O’Neill

The International Thesaurus Of Quotations – Eugene Ehrlich & Marshall De Bruhl

The World’s Worsts – Les Krantz & Sue Sveum

Dictionary Of Provebs – Penguin Reference Books

NLP At Work – Sue Night

Book Of Lies – Andrews McMeel Publishing

Economist Pocket World In Figures

Happiness – Richard Layard

A Whole New Mind – Daniel H Pink

Small Is The New Big – Seth Godin

The Culture Code – Clotaire Rapaille

Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite – Paul Arden

Watching The English (Hidden Rules Of English Behaviour) – Kate Fox

Freakonomics – Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner

Welcome To Britain – Jan Williams & Chris Teasdale

Forbes Magazine: Book Of Business Quotations

Problem Solved: A Primer In Design & Communications – Michael Johnson

Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Survive – Jared Diamond

Willing Slaves: How The Overwork Culture Is Ruling Our Lives – Madeleine Bunting

Shopped: The Shocking Power Of British Supermarkets – Joanna Blythman

How British Is That? – The Eccentric British Guide Book (Crombie Jardine Publishing)

Why The Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down: The Science Of Murphy’s Law – Richard Robinson

The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking – Julie K. Norem

What We Believe But Cannot Prove – Edited By John Brockman (Pocket Books)

Cool Brands: An Insight Into Some Of Britain’s Coolest Brands 2006/07 –

Marketing Gurus: Lessons From The Best Marketing Books Of All Time – Chris Murray