About B.S.I.

I spend alot of time in hotels … either because I am travelling or because clients think it is the best place to hold conferences.

So yesterday it dawned on me [yes, I must be thick] that by checking out Hotel ‘Events Boards’ and seeing the ‘themes’ of the conferences being held there – I can get a quick idea of the issues Corporateland feel they are facing.

However, as much as I travel, I can only be in one place at a time … so this is where you lot come in …

Basically, what I am proposing is that if you ever find yourself in a hotel, you take a photo of the ‘Events Board’ and send it to this emailWhat happens then is that the photos appear on this site, and we try to identify any underlying themes/issues by day/week/month.

Sure, it could be a complete waste of time – but with a bit of intelligence, we should be able to identify [albeit broadly] common /emerging themes by city, country, region or World – which can only be useful in further understanding the ever-changing, underlying issues faced by our existing and potential clients.

And yes, the photo above does feature my very bald head. Don’t you think it’s arty??? [Don’t answer that!]