My Blog Log

There are a couple of other blogs I’m involved with [apart from my personal one] that you might want to check out … 

1. OK, he is no Brad Pitt [is anyone except, errrm, Brad Pitt] but Rob Mortimer is a very talented guy who we want to see in adland.  You can show you have a heart [even though you are in advertising] by clicking here Give-Rob-A-Job and signing his petition!

2. The P.L.F. [or ’Planning Liberation Front’ to give us our full name] are a bunch of individuals from various communication disciplines and companies who wish to celebrate the latest craze sweeping the corporate world – mainly the rise of stupidity and mediocrity. It’s a mind-bending, eye-opening, jaw-dropping journey of amazement – and it’s yours to enjoy FOR FREE by clicking here!

3. We’re in the communication industry and yet over the last few months, we seem to be getting really bad at communicating – especially internally. At ‘Advertising Relate’ – I aim to unite these growing factions … kill the cancer … and inspire advertising-discipline-harmony for the good of all our future 5 bedroom houses in the country.

4. Amazingly, I managed to secure a beautiful, warm, caring and smart ‘other half’ called Jill.  However when she is dropping off to sleep or just waking up – she becomes quite like Gareth from the TV Show, ‘The Office’ – and talks absolute gibberish. Because I am obviously lacking in self-esteem, I set up a site called ‘Jillyism’ to celebrate these rare moments of daftness – and you can read all about them by pointing your mouse here.

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